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  • Extensive experience with PHP5, PHP7, PHP8, Rust, SQL, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Extensive experience in the administration of Apache, Nginx, Docker
  • Good knowledge and experience with MySQL/MariaDB, Redis, DynamoDB
  • Experience with Zend Framework, Laminas, Actix, Slim, Backbone.js, Angular 1, React, OpenGL, Three.js
  • Experience developing REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in performance optimizations and load testing with Apache JMeter
  • DevSecOps experience with GitLab Runners, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, GitHub Actions
  • Source Control Systems: Git, Mercurial, SVN
  • AWS experience with EC2, RDS, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, Route 53, SES, SNS, IAM, VPC, CodeDeploy, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Elastic Transcoder, Cognito, Amazon Inspector, WAF & Shield, AWS Organizations
  • Linux administration experience with Debian, Ubuntu Server, CentOS, Arch Linux
  • Experience with project management and coordination systems: Jira, ClickUp, Trello, Redmine, Slack
  • Server monitoring experience with Nagios, Munin, Sentry
  • Graphic design experience with GIMP, Inkscape, Corel Vector
  • Working knowledge of EAGLE, KiCad
  • Experience with 3D authoring tools: FreeCAD, Blender
  • Good knowledge of slicers: Simplify3D, Cura


  • Fluent English
  • Native Bulgarian


  • Sep 2008 - Jun 2012 University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski", Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
    • Bachelor's Degree in Informatics
    • Bachelor's thesis: Web-Based Geomagnetic Data Storage and Analysis System
  • Sep 2004 - Jul 2008 Language School Ivan Vazov, German Class


Co-Founder at Cytec BG Nov 2013 - Present

Backend architect on Unsolved Studios' Suspects: Mobile Detective. My key responsibilities included:

  • Fixing bugs and implementing new features
  • Design and implementation of REST APIs
  • Developed an admin interface for authoring non-linear stories
  • Co-designed and maintained a relational database
  • Implemented scalable AWS video CDN with transcoding and streaming support
  • Co-designed and implemented multiple in-app currencies and payment methods
  • Designed and implemented a secure, auto-scaling infrastructure as a code solution in AWS
  • Performed extensive load tests
  • Implemented performance optimizations

Full-stack developer on Elin Engineering CRM. Elin Engineering is a private company specializing in electric motor repairs. I worked on an internal project organization and customer relationship management system. Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Worked closely with management on defining features and needs
  • Designed and maintained database, backend, and web app
  • Continuously supported and improved the system to meet evolving needs
  • Promptly fixed defects

Add-on developer on Tab Dating. A Chrome extension that serves potential partners every time you open a new tab. Gained experience in extension development, script injection, browser APIs, and extension distribution.

Mobile Developer on Last Seen Online (IMDb). A real-time fictional story told through an iOS/iPad messenger app [read more]. My tasks included:

  • Implementing UI components and screens
  • Developed REST API client communication and application data model
  • Integrated push notifications
  • Integrated In-App Purchases
  • Fixed bugs and supported the app during its lifetime

Full-stack developer of 3D BRD Viewer. A web app to display EAGLE PCB designs in 3D. Click here for screenshot of the project. Some of the work I've done:

  • Developed frontend interface and 3D viewer
  • Designed and implemented database and REST APIs
  • Integrated Braintree payments, developed and tested subscription-based payment plans
  • Implemented Delaunay triangulation and extrusion algorithm for converting PCB outlines to 3D models
  • Implemented a high-resolution Gerber rasterizer
  • Collected and curated a 3D model database of common electronic components
  • Provided user support

Full-stack developer on Art Review. An online paintings portfolio and store. I handle design, backend, frontend, administration, and maintenance.

Designed, built, and launched Estimake.it. A free online tool for fast collaborative software project estimation. Work done:

  • Designed application look and feel
  • Designed and implemented database schema and REST API
  • Implemented a web app featuring a collaborative editing experience
  • Worked on a WebSocket server for real-time communication
  • Deployed and self-published

Designed, developed, and released the classic board game Ludo on Steam. As a sole developer, some of my tasks were:

  • Implemented a custom multi-platform ECS engine in Rust with 3D Graphics (OpenGL), UI, Audio, Asset Management and Physics systems
  • Built a CI pipeline that produces native Linux, Windows and Mac executables
  • Developed a CD pipeline that uploads built artifacts directly to Steam
  • Implemented reliable network packet protocol on top of UDP
  • Gained experience with, and integrated Sentry monitoring
  • Setup, deployed, and maintained a cloud gameplay server in AWS
  • Self-published on the Steam store
  • Provide customer support

Developer on femtovg - a GPU anti-aliased 2D vector drawing library ported from C to Rust

Worked on hardware and firmware for an in-house linear motion timelapse camera rig. Some of the tasks I did:

  • Designed the schematic and board layout in EAGLE, fitting power requirements and size constraints.
  • Ordered, assembled, and tested several PCB revisions.
  • Developed firmware for simultaneous real-time communication and motion control.

Backend developer on KingFootball. My main responsibilities were:

  • Co-designed and maintained database schema
  • Implemented administration interface
  • Set up a fast CI/CD pipeline
  • Designed and deployed a secure and scalable AWS infrastructure

Technologies: Rust PHP7 C React HTML5 CSS3 ffmpeg OpenGL Three.js MariaDB Objective-C Apache JMeter

Product Engineer at Diasyst - Medication Intelligence Nov 2015 - Aug 2023

Diasyst helps healthcare providers make timely, quick, safe, and effective treatment decisions for chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. My responsibilities in this project included:

  • Worked on database design, maintenance, and monitoring
  • Implemented new features
  • Worked closely with QA on fixing defects
  • Maintained the build system and CI/CD pipelines
  • Implemented REST and GraphQL API endpoints
  • Performed extensive code reviews
  • Worked on the backend and frontend for administrative panel controls, dashboards, statistics, and management tools
  • Implemented extensive unit and integration tests
  • Designed and implemented a secure AWS infrastructure
  • Deployed and maintained development, QA, demo, and production environments
  • Implemented cloud monitoring and horizontal scaling
  • Worked on migrating the codebase from Zend Framework to Laminas
  • During project evolution, migrated APIs from REST to GraphQL
  • Migrated administrative panel from Angular to React
  • Helped evolve the project from a prototype through several iterations and pivots to a complete solution
  • Learned HIPAA laws and worked on achieving HIPAA compliance
  • Supported external partners in setting up Diasyst in a FedRAMP-compliant environment in AWS GovCloud
  • Implemented UI components and pages on early iterations of the web app

Novela Clinic - Peachtree is a health studio project featuring a welcoming lobby and reception, a multi-purpose modular education and exam room, and two hybrid patient examination rooms. On this project, I did:

  • 3D modeling of the building layout from the floor plan
  • 3D design and modeling of chairs, desks, custom lobby decorations, sofas, and shelves
  • Worked on UV unwrapping, texturing, and lighting
  • Designed and rendered multiple variants of logos, floor tiles, finishes, and materials
  • Worked on testing different arrangements of rooms
  • Produced hi-resolution renders of each room from multiple angles
  • Modeled, textured, lit, and rendered the building facade and storefront

Technologies: PHP7 PHP8 Rust MariaDB Redis GraphQL Docker Terraform AWS GitLab CI/CD Blender

Senior Developer at Incept Development Oct 2013 - Aug 2023

Backend architect for SATPrac. An online SAT practice application. Developed the initial project structure.

Backend developer on The Daily Word. Worked on REST API design, database design and administration, content parsing and population. Worked on a high throughput push notification system. Deployed and maintained development and production environments.

Senior iOS developer on Perfect Score. A mobile SAT preparation game. Worked on implementing functionality and fixing bugs.

Backend developer on Pet Health Diary - a fun, easy-to-use mobile pet health app. Co-designed database and implemented REST APIs. Integrated HTML and CSS frontend. Set up development and production servers.

Full-stack developer of Sanguina AnemoCheck prototype. Re-implemented the colorimetric analysis algorithm from MATLAB to PHP. Performed server setup and production deployment. Later performed migration to AWS.

Full-stack developer on LAD Portal. Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Database design and application architecture planning
  • Implemented dashboards and statistics
  • Worked on a PDF processing pipeline
  • Implemented a web app course pack library and store
  • Developed a build system for white labeling and distribution
  • Developed a secure PayPal integration
  • Tracked and fixed defects
  • Implemented REST API endpoints
  • Setup development and production environments
  • Seamlessly migrated services to AWS
  • Gained experience with PDF security and DRM

Full-stack developer on Genie. An internal system employed by LAD Custom Publishing for order processing, price estimation, and customer relationship management. Some tasks that I’ve done:

  • Worked on project and database architecture
  • Developed dashboards, statistics, and data visualization components
  • Worked on an internal pricing calculator
  • Performed server maintenance and administration

DevSecOps for Incept Development. I deployed and maintained a self-hosted GitLab instance and runners. Played a supporting role for the team's CI/CD needs.

Technologies: Rust PHP7 OpenAPI Angular 1.x React MariaDB DynamoDB Ubuntu Server Docker AWS GitLab CI/CD Nagios

Software Developer at StangaOne1 Apr 2011 - Oct 2013

Lead Developer on Frito-Lay's 'Do Us a Flavor' Campaign. My key responsibilities were:

  • Designed the project's backend and frontend architecture
  • Working with developers, clarifying unknowns with stakeholders
  • Designed flexible database schema to accommodate project needs
  • Fixed bugs and implemented features
  • Gained experience in project management and task definition

Backend developer on Jennie-O website during their “Make the Switch” campaign. I supported the team by chasing bugs, implemented several pages of the web app and various UI components. Helped with database design and production deployment.

Backend developer on Absolut 3D, an Absolut campaign where you paint your own bottle of vodka in a Facebook page tab. Worked on the REST API and administration panel.

iOS developer on the first version of ClosetSpace by Stylitics. Implemented screens and UI components. Gained experience automating iOS UI tests.

Frontend developer on the web app for the Visa Go World London Olympics 2012 ‘Cheer as one’ Campaign. Implemented UI components and REST communication. Helped develop a smooth SPA experience in a Facebook page tab.

Full-stack developer on Chi-chi's website. Co-designed and implemented a single-page application architecture. Worked on database design, project deployment, and maintenance. Learned live DOM manipulation and browser event life-cycle.

Backend engeneer on BBDO Worldwide's website. My responsibilities were:

  • Database design
  • Fixed bugs and implemented backend features
  • Integrated HTML, CSS, and JS code from the frontend team
  • Worked on the backend CMS implementation
  • Developed a single-file self-extracting package and configuration wizard used by BBDO Worldwide white labels
  • Gained experience working in a large organization with multiple teams, departments, and stakeholders

Technologies: PHP5 MySQL jQuery Backbone.js Debian Linux Objective-C HTML CSS

Software Developer at Nimasystems Jan 2009 - Apr 2011

Developer on Stampii Digital Trading Cards. A digital trading card collecting game. My responsibilities included:

  • Implementing controls in the game administrative panel
  • Improving the internally developed PHP framework
  • Implemented several screens and components in the iOS application
  • Helped set up a test cluster of nine small form factor PCs, mirroring the final data center deployment
  • Worked on production server installation and setup at the Interxion data center in Madrid, Spain
  • Got a strong experience in server administration, backend architecture, and designing high-availability systems

Mobile Developer on Scene Speak. An iOS app for helping those with Autism, Aphasia, Apraxia, and developmental disabilities.

Mobile Developer on Global Warning. An iOS game where you have a small amount of time to find a country on the world map. Learned 2D graphics programming, Bézier curves, point-in-shape collision detection, and animations.

Mobile Developer on Arabian Delights. A recipe app for both iPad and iPhone. Rubbing an oil lamp on the home screen produced a random recipe. Learned 2D particle animation to achieve the smoke effect from the lamp.

Mobile Developer on Daily Tarot Reading. An iOS game where you get a special tarot card every day. Gained 3D graphics experience as the cards were arranged on a 3D carousel.

Worked as a junior developer on multiple projects:

I implemented new features and fixed various bugs in both frontend and backend domains. I gained fundamental experience in web technologies. Acquired a general view of application architecture. Learned Linux administration and the ins and outs of web application hosting. Learned best practices and work ethics.

Technologies: Objective-C PHP5 MySQL CentOS NGINX Heartbeat Propel ORM jQuery Redmine SVN Nagios Munin XHTML CSS jQuery

Intern at Information Services Jsc May 2008 - Jan 2009

Technologies: C# ASP.NET

Frontend Intern at Yourcoders LTD Aug 2007 - Mar 2008

My first job in the software industry was slicing the eurowheels.dk website. My task was to develop the HTML, CSS, and JS from the provided PSD designs. Worked on Internet Explorer 6+ compatibility. Gained experience with jQuery by implementing custom dropdowns.

Technologies: HTML CSS Internet Explorer 6 jQuery