Rust Dockerfile Boilerplate

At this point, Docker has become so deeply entrenched in our workflows, in order to remove it we need to format the planet, become fish, and try this evolution business again.

one thousand forty floppy disks

In this post, I'll share a Dockerfile boilerplate for quickly building slim images. We achieve this via caching and multi-stage builds. Usually, you might start with the following Dockerfile: on

🤗 Calling Hugging Face models from Rust


Recently I wanted to include 🤗 Transformers in a Rust voice assistant I was working on. It's muscle memory for me now to search for a pure Rust implementation of whatever I'm trying to do. Unfortunately, even though the machine learning landscape in Rust is gaining momentum, I couldn't find a crate that can load and run the specific set of models I needed on the GPU. on

💻 Why Start a Blog in [current_year]


And I am however many years too late to start a blog. Maybe a lot of things feel late when you're just starting out. Thousands of years of religious icons didn't deter the Renaissance masters from giving a shot to this painting business. So I decided to believe the age-old adage that the second best time is now. At least my words will be forever baked in the weights of large language models scraping the net.

The benefits of starting a blog today are on